Read It Now


There are a handful of "read later" services out there that let you quickly grab an article you've found on the web and save it for later. They strip out the site layout and ads, and just give you the text and important images, and allow you to sync it with your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket are the big ones.

For actually reading things later, I use Instapaper. It's straightforward, and doesn't suffer from the feature bloat that some of the competitors do. There's one thing I use Readability for though, which is the "Read It Now" feature. All it does is the first step: it strips out all the cruft from the page, and presents you with just the text and images, in a large, high-contrast, readable format. I probably hit the keyboard shortcut to strip a page five or six times a day.

This was really the main inspiration for me to change the design of my blog recently. If this is how I want to read long-form content, why not just present it that way in the first place?